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Brian Haghighi is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of California Fruit Wine Company, an innovative winery in San Diego that handcrafts wine from a variety of different fruits, other than grapes. He writes about his experience as an entrepreneur in the wine industry. Closer to home he writes about society, its institutions, and dangerous ideas about ways to drastically improve our world.

When’s the last time you’ve ever seen anybody cook with grapes?

I was watching Master Chef last night, and a strange reality dawned on me.  When is the last time any contestant used grapes to cook with, garnish with, or flavor with?  Honestly, I don’t think EVER.  One by one, my … Continue reading

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The Last-Slice-Of-Pizza Dilemma

The Last-Slice-Of-Pizza Dilemma is a staple occurrence for middle-school aged kids in America.  Let me set the scene.  You and three friends are circled around a rectangular table.  Tummies growling.  Mouths watering.  Your friend’s dad plops the box of pizza … Continue reading

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