When’s the last time you’ve ever seen anybody cook with grapes?

I was watching Master Chef last night, and a strange reality dawned on me.  When is the last time any contestant used grapes to cook with, garnish with, or flavor with?  Honestly, I don’t think EVER.  One by one, my mind started racing through the myriad episodes I’ve seen, and I couldn’t come up with one example.  Strawberries?  Yeah – all the time.  Kiwis, pineapples, mangos?  At least once per episode.  Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries?  Yes – on the regular.  But grapes?  Never!

So it would seem odd to me that people have such an aversion when they consider the idea of wine made from fruit other than grapes.  Ewww, yuck.  That probably means it’s super sweet and fruity, Right?

Well actually, the wine isn’t necessarily sweet- most of what we make is on the drier side.  But while they tend to be drier, they still preserve the character of the fruit, and if you want to call that fruity, then fine.  But I challenge you, next time you try a traditional grape wine, notice it’s essential grape nature – a grape nature that, dare I say, is fruity!  Can you blame us then, if our wine doesn’t have an essential grape fruitiness but one of another fruit.  A whole, natural, delicious fruit at that.  I sure don’t want to drink a cherry wine that tastes like grape wine!  I mean, it should have serious wine characters, which our wine does. But to expect it to taste LIKE grape wine, now that’s just an odd standard.  Yet you’d be surprised how often people’s first tendency is to compare our wine to grape wine.  Part of me understands, but part of me wants to say get over it!  Why limit our choice of wine to just those made from grapes.  I think chef’s tend to agree with us, other fruits have much more character and if they can use it with meals they prepare, why not use them to make wine?

That’s my take anyways.


About brianhaghighi

Brian Haghighi is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of California Fruit Wine Company, an innovative winery in San Diego that handcrafts wine from a variety of different fruits, other than grapes. He writes about his experience as an entrepreneur in the wine industry. Closer to home he writes about society, its institutions, and dangerous ideas about ways to drastically improve our world.
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